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Qasr Al Watan - A Presidential Experience

Abu Dhabi’s latest cultural landmark, Qasr Al Watan, opened its doors earlier this year and is an architectural landmark fit to stand beside Abu Dhabi’s existing wonders.

The 100 acre Presidential Palace is located on the end of the city’s iconic Corniche area and is in fact a working Palace. It hosts state visits and official summits and is home to the UAE’s Supreme Council an Federal Cabinet.

Visitors can have a guided tour around the public areas of the palace which include; the presidential banquet, featuring 149,000 unique pieces of gold ,silver, china made exclusively for the palace and the House of Knowledge which now displays three holy books as a symbol of peace and tolerance in the UAE - the Holy Qu’ran, the Holy Bible and the book of David’s Psalms.

The tour will also take visitors through the Great Hall (as pictured), the Spirit of Collaboration room and many more breath-taking and opulently designed, royal rooms.

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