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An insight into the Dubai Water Canal project

The Dubai Canal project is nearing completion, and the final stages of construction are under way. The project, which has taken 3 years to complete in five phases, is one of the most ambitious in the emirate and will completely transform the look of the city

The Dubai Water Canal Project extends the Dubai Creek by 3.2 kilometers and links Business Bay to the Arabian Gulf, allowing all three to flow into each other, and opening up the waterway for a number of leisure and lifestyle opportunities. Once ready, the canal will form a ring around several Dubai neighbourhoods, creating an island made up of Bur Dubai, Zabeel, Al Karama, Oud Metha and Al Satwa.

The area surrounding the canal will then be transformed into a residential, shopping, and leisure hub. The extended waterway will allow for six kilometres of beaches, a seven kilometre running track for the fitness enthusiasts, and a 50,000 square metre shopping mall with an enormous green park on the roof.

The canal’s peninsula area will allow for the creation of 60 marinas, and the open waterway will enable boats, tourist cruises and other vessels to travel the full length of the canal, giving spectacular views of the city.

It is expected that the canal will attract a large number of tourists to the area; shortly after completion, construction work will start on a number of property developments, including four world-class hotels with 957 luxury hotel rooms, and an estimated 450 restaurants. There will also be a large number of residential property developments along both banks of the canal; there are 5,345 new residential units promised in three different areas called Jumeirah, Gate Towers and Peninsula. There will be 211 residential units right on the water, creating unique water homes right in the heart of the city.

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