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Burj Al Arab to launch revolutionary ‘North Deck’ leisure concept

The World’s most luxurious and photographed hotel, Dubai’s Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is pushing the boundaries of innovation with its revolutionary island leisure concept, called the ‘North Deck’.

The North Deck is being shipped from Finland in six sections and scheduled to launch in the second quarter of 2016.

Robert Swade, Jumeirah Group chief operating officer, said: “Dubai is renowned for providing exceptional experiences. This is the first time a structure of this nature and size has been built in one country and then transported to another country to be assembled and operated.

The 10,000m2 private luxury deck will fan 100 metres out into the Arabian Gulf and accommodate 32 cabanas, 400 sun loungers, one fresh water pool measuring 612m2 and one salt water pool measuring 828m2, one restaurant and a bar.

The sail-shaped Burj Al Arab has been consistently voted as the world’s most luxurious hotel and features 202 luxurious two-story suites, in-suite check in and check out and private butlers.

For exceptional events, arrive in style at the Burj Al Arab by air, land or sea; whether you land on the unique helipad, arrive by private yacht or Rolls-Royce transfer. After entering the opulence that is the Burj Al Arab your event can continue to the supreme Falak Ballroom to the beautiful Marina Gardens. With its 8 dining options and further 8 event venues, the Burj Al Arab offers an array of options for any event.

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